Kailash Manasarover Yatra - 15 Days

Mt. Kailash, 6,740 m. is situated to the north of the Himalayan barrier, wholly within Tibet. It is the perfect mountain with awesome beauty, with 4 great faces. It is the spiritual centre for four great religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, the Jain religion and the pre-Buddhist animistic religion - Bonpo. To Tibetans it is known as Khang Rimpoche (Precious Jewel of Snow) and they see it as the navel of the world. It is said that a stream from the mountain pours into a nearby lake and from here rivers flow in the four cardinal directions. The River of the Lion Mouth to the North, the River of the Horse Mouth to the east, the River of the Peacock Mouth to the south and the River of the Elephant Mouth to the West. Strangely enough, four major rivers do indeed originate near Kailash, the Indus, the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra), the Karnali and the Sutlej. Tibetans believe that it is the residence of Demchog, a fierce looking tantric deity who lives there with his consort, Dorje Phagmo. For the Tibetans also, it is a particularly special place in that their poet saint Milarepa, spent several years here meditating in a cave.

For the Hindus Mount Kailash is the earthly manifestation of Mt. Meru, their spritual centre of the universe, described as a fantastic 'world pillar' 84,000 miles high, around which all else revolves, its roots in the lowest hell and its summit kissing the heavens. On the top lives their most revered God, Shiva, and his consort Parvati. For the Jains, an Indian religious group, Kailash is the site where their first prophet achieved enlightenment. For the older, more ancient religion of Bon, it is the site where its founder Shanrab is said to have descended from heaven. It was formerly the spiritual centre of Zhang Zung, the ancient Bon Empire that once included all of western Tibet. Bon people walk around the mountain in a counter clockwise manner, unlike the other religions. Over the centuries pilgrims have constantly journeyed immense distances to achieve enlightenment or cleanse themselves of sin, braving enormous distances, particularly harsh weather and bandit attacks.

Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash lies in the south-western part of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. At 6714m, Mt. Kailash is the highest peak in the Kailash Range of the Himalayas. It is separated from the Great Himalayas chain by a trough that is drained in the north-west by the Sutlej River and in the south-east by the Yarlung Zangbo River. Mt. Kailash, which has religious significance for both Hindus and Tibetan Buddhists, is an important pilgrimage site.

Mansarovar Lake

The great Lake Mansarovar is situated in the south-west corner of Tibet and in the north-west of Nepal. It is beyond high Himalayas which borders Nepal and China. Tibetan plateau in itself is unique in its geographic make-up with its fauna and flora and mythical set-up of ecosystem. The lake is 20 km from Mt. Kailash and is one of the most beautiful and sacred lakes in Asia. It can be circumambulated in 4/5 days and looks like a gem of cobalt blue color. But during storm, it can turn into a churning black sometimes

How to Get there?

Nepal is considered as the best entry point to Mt. Kailash/ Mansarovar lake. Most of the western travelers go through Nepal. High Himalaya Society Treks & Expedition arranges all the travel formalities including visa to our clients bound for Tibet.

Recommended Clothing and Equipment List

Sleeping bag (down with inside extra cover), jacket (down) / polar fleece, with rain and water proofed, thermal underwear, wind/ rain proof trousers, woolen and sun hats, scarves (muffler), woolen or cotton socks, gloves, trekking boots, sun/snow glassed, towel, t-shirt/s, sunscreen lotion, flash light with extra bulbs and batteries, sandals, water bottles, day pack (for your day time necessities), kit or duffel bag (to keep your personal belongings) first aid box/ personal medicine walking stick. And some snacks for the way.

High Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness can be a serious problem if the clients do not take care of it on time. It can affect anyone regardless of age or fitness. It sometimes occurs while passing above 1800 meters high altitude. The symptom of altitude sickness is headache, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, irritation, nausea, sleeplessness, irregular breathing and swelling. The only way to cure the sickness is to descend down as quick as possible. A descent of 1000 meters normally brings about rapid recovery. We have planned our itineraries carefully to ensure proper acclimatization. So any one who sees the symptom of mountain sickness should immediately inform our tour leader, you should not ignore it.

  • Day to Day Itinerary
  • Services Info
  • Price

Cost Includes:

  • Airport pick up & Drop
  • 3 night’s accommodation in Kathmandu in 5 star hotel twin sharing room with all meals.
  •  One day guided tour in Kathmandu.


  • 11 night’s accommodations in Tibet on group sharing basis using best hotels.
  • Freshly cooked vegetarian meals 3 times a day and 3 Mineral Bottles of Water per day per person.
  • Supporting crew (guide, helper/ supporter) including our own cooks.
  • Permits for Manasarovar and Kailash Kora (round).
  • Tibet Tourism Board (TTB) approved guide.
  • Transportation by 4500 Land cruisers (4 people each) – Tibet part & Non AC buses - Nepal side 
  • Kailash Permit entrance fee, 
  • All equipments for camping
  • Tents, mattress, dinning tent, kitchen tent, kitchen utensils, etc
  • Sleeping bag/ Down Jacket on Returnable basis.
  • Duffle bag (big bag for keeping personal clothes and equipments)
  • Experienced tour leader / co-coordinator with each group
  • ENOUGH Oxygen cylinder entire of tour

Yaks and Yak-men to carry baggage, food, fuel etc while making round of Mt. Kailash
Cost Excludes:                  

  • Personal expenses like shopping, phone calls, extra drinks, laundry, yak etc. 
  • Extra days stay at Kathmandu / any other place.
  • In case of natural calamities i.e. political unrest, cancellation of tour, landslide & other uneventful event the extra charge for porters and transportation should be borne by you at the spot.

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