Mount Kailash Yatra (17 Days)

About Kailash Yatra

Mount Kailash YatraAs it is described in great Hindu epic Ramayana "There is no mountain like Himalayas. for on it are Kailash and Manasarover. As the due is dried up by the morning sun, so are the sins of mankind by the sight of Himachal." Mt. Kailash (22,000ft) stands as only virtue for an absolution of living creature.

Mt. Kailash is revered in the Sanskrit literature as the abode of Lord Shiva the destroyer and transformer of the Hindu Triad, and his divine consort Parvati. Mt. Kailash as it's manifestation of Mt. Meru has an important role in great churning of "Thesis Sea". (Mahasagar Manthan) This extraordinary mountain is regarded as the 'heart of the universe' by Hindus, Buddhists, the Jains and the Bons. In the same periphery of this sacred mountain, twin lakes of Manasarovar and Rakshas Taal are situated which are supposedly a place for heavenly ablution as on it still people can observe god and goddess taking an ablution.

About Journey:

Starting point of "Kailash-Manassrover Yatra" is the capital city "Kathmandu" of Nepal where the god mingles with men. A visit to the temple in the heart of city "Pashupatinath", a manifesto of Lord Shiva is of great merit for Hindus. Yatries enjoys Evening Prayers "Arati". Not only this there are uncountably many temples with equal religious significant. All the yatri's are requested to attend a Briefing by the Experts about the pilgrimage on the second day of arrival. Then the rest of the evening is for the preparation of their trip. On the same day of their departure from the Hotel, yatri's will cross the Nepal-Border and will be in Tibetan town called 'Zhangmu' or "Nylam" (3,750 m). Evening after a drive of about 7 hrs. and altitude yatri's will not feel good but our experienced staffs are already aware about that and will come with all hospitality. Next day will be pretty normal. One more day's rest, which we always recommend, will make yatri's to continue their Journey. "Saga" is the place where mostly yatri's fell sick with altitude but every staff members know that better and will be ready for all situation through out the night and day. Our crew will carry oxygen, PAC (portable Altitude chamber) and other alternatives to take care of the victims. After attending that height, yatri's will start to feel better and enjoys it more of their yatra towards Holy Kailash. On the second day from their Yatri's will be able to have a spellbinding "Darshan" of Kailash and Manasoravar. It will take about two days for Manasarovar kora and "Homa-puja". Then yatri's are ready for kailash parikarima. Guide will provide one yak and helper for each member as per requirement which you need to pay personally. They are really helpful while you are exhausted in the climb of DoLma La (18650ft). After finishing kora, each yatris feel very celebrity for the great things they done.


Day 01: Arrival in Katmandu/Pasupatinath and other temple tour
Day 02: Temple tour and final preparation for the trip
Day 03: Drive to Kodari / Zhangmu / Nyalam (3750m) / 145 km / 8 hrs
Day 04: Nyalam, rest day for acclimatization
Day 05: Drive to Saga (4,000m) via Lalung-la (5,050m) and Pikutso Lake / 232 km / 8 hrs
Day 06: Drive to Paryang (4,550m) / 252 km / 8 hrs
Day 07: Drive to Hore - Manasarovar via Maumla (4,900m)/ 277km
Day 08: Drive to Chu Gomba (4,600m) via Tugu Gomba
Day 09: Homa / puja at the bank of holy lake Manasarover/ Drive to Tarchen
Day 10: Drive to Tarpuche - valley of gods (45 min) and Trek to Dirapuk (North Face)
Day 11: Trek/ climb to Dolma La (18650ft) and Zuthulpuk/ 10 hrs, long and hard day.
Day 12: Trek to Zuthulpuk valley and drive to Tarchen or Manasarovar.
Day 13: Drive to Paryang
Day 14: Drive to Saga
Day 15: Drive to Nylam
Day 16: One extra day to use if needed.
Day 17: Back to Kathmandu

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